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Brand Purpose

The Illinois Central College (ICC) brand is more than just a logo; it is how our students, prospective students, employees, and community see us and the work that we do. The goal of these brand standards is to strengthen the ICC brand by empowering the entire College to speak with one voice and avoid common mistakes that dilute the effectiveness of any ICC communication. A positive and successful brand is built on discipline and cohesion across the entire institution.

Brand standards are broken up into two sections, visual appearance (design) and written communication (editorial). Design standards give printed and digital materials a consistent visual appearance that is quickly recognized as ICC. Editorial standards provide consistency in writing and naming conventions to allow the College to speak in one clear and concise voice.

One College, One Brand

Each moment we present ourselves visually, in-person, and in written communication, we represent the ICC brand. It is imperative that we look as good as we are and project our strengths as one positive cohesive image.


These assets are provided to you for use. Do not edit or alter these assets. Refer to our Design Guidelines for details on size requirements, application, and usage.

Digital Assets

Our digital assets are here for you to download. If you need other file formats or can’t find what you are looking for, please contact ICC Marketing for assistance. We also have digital assets for experienced users through Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries. Please direct questions about our brand, or to request access to the Creative Cloud library, email us at [email protected].

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Photography Assets

You have direct assets to current ICC photography through our PhotoShelter account where you can search for and download photography assets quickly, and easily.

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Design Guidelines & Quick Reference Guide

A detailed, 56-page book with reference to all things ICC Brand.

Quick Reference Guide (.pdf)


Each logo comes in .jpg and .png formats available as high resolution (300ppi) and low resolution (72ppi).

Smart Choice Graphic

Each graphic comes in .jpg and .png formats available as high resolution (300ppi) and low resolution (72ppi).

Fibonacci Graphic

The Fibonacci graphic comes in .jpg and .png formats.

Fibonacci graphic (.zip)

PowerPoint Template

The PowerPoint template is created with master slides and with our brand fonts embedded.

PowerPoint Template (.pptx)

Letterhead Template

ICC Letterhead template is created in MS Word.

Letterhead template (.docx)