Welcome to Canteen Catering where the success of your event is our primary goal.

Organize a Catered Event

You must secure your event location prior to placing a catering order. When booking your room, please provide as much information as possible.

Catering Policies

  • Events should be scheduled two weeks in advance.
  • You must include your department account number in your event request if you plan to order catering.
  • Canteen catering services are available during normal business hours Monday – Friday, 7 am – 2 pm with the exception of official ICC holidays and severe weather closings. Arrangements can be made for after-hours catering at an additional charge.
  • A final guest count must be turned in to the Events Coordinator no later than 72 hours prior to the event. If the event is scheduled on a Saturday, the final count is due on the Monday before the event. If no final count is received by the deadline, you will be billed the original number ordered.
  • Illinois Central College and the Illinois Health Department code policy prohibits the removal of catered food from any event.
  • Organizers of events who wish to have a potluck or serve donated food items must consult with the Canteen Campus Dining Management to check for compliance with Illinois Health Department regulations
  • First Right of Refusal

    Canteen Catering has the first right of refusal for any catered event held in any ICC Campus location. This means if Canteen Catering is available and able to provide the services you request, you must use their services. If the request is waived by Canteen Catering, the following is required of the vendor providing the service: Business License, Certificate of Insurance and Health Department Certificate. These items are due to the Events Coordinator five business days in advance of the event.