Create a Club

Before you begin the process of forming a new student club, take time to check out the existing clubs and keep in mind that each club at ICC must support the mission of the college and meet a need that is currently not being met by any existing club.

How to Form a New Club

If you believe you have an original idea for a new club, follow the steps below to start the process of forming a new club:

  1. Complete and return the Charter form to the Office of Student Life.
  2. Meet with the Student Life Manager to discuss your plans and goals.
  3. Survey students and find a minimum of 10 who are interested in joining the club. Complete and return the General Membership Roster.
  4. Select an advisor(s) for your club. This must be a currently employed staff or faculty member (full-time or adjunct) and have the advisor(s) approved.
  5. Draft a constitution
  6. Discuss paperwork, constitution, polices, and services with our office.
  7. Receive a copy of the Registered Club Handbook
  8. Hold a club meeting to approve the constitution and formally elect officers.
  9. Complete and return the Intent to be Active form
  10. Complete and return the Signature Pages.
  11. Attend a student club orientation, that’s held at the beginning of each Fall Semester.

Be sure to reach out to us if you need help throughout the process!