A Hidden Gem of CTE Programs: ICC Interpreter Preparation

February 24, 2022

At Illinois Central College, we honored students for their achievements and accomplishments during February’s National CTE (Career and Technical Education) Month.

When thinking of CTE programs, we tend to think of hands-on programs like welding or health care-related. However, another important CTE program where professionals use their hands to make a difference is Interpreter Preparation.

And when you think about it, we see interpreters in action during some of the most pivotal moments in people’s lives, in the news, or in the world. These quick-thinking sign interpreters can be seen providing communication for the hearing impaired from a smaller stage, like our own ICC commencement ceremony, to a very large stage, like the singing of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl.

Maggie, a student currently succeeding in the ICC Interpreter Preparation program, is preparing to graduate from ICC this year and will begin her search for the stage from which she will interpret. Upon graduating, she will sit for the Educational Interpreter Performance Test and begin her career making a difference by helping the hearing impaired.

“ICC has really helped me grow as a person and has pushed my limits as a future interpreter. The work we have been doing and the constructive feedback I have received have been invaluable as I have grown and progressed through the program.”

– Maggie

Maggie has also taken advantage of every opportunity provided by ICC. She has learned about the culture and the language of sign, she has attended various ICC-sponsored events to gain additional knowledge, and she has taken time to understand the distinct role she will encompass as a future interpreter.

“The Interpreter program at ICC is high quality. It gives students the preparation and skills needed to graduate and succeed in our future careers,” Maggie said. “The program is a lot of work and is very challenging, but the work is beyond rewarding. My ultimate goal is to be an excellent interpreter and I cannot wait to provide access to communication for the deaf community.”