Study Abroad

A Study Abroad experience sets you apart from other job seekers. It shows employers that you are self-reliant, motivated, and you know how to deal with new and, sometimes, difficult situations.

You will be introduced to a new culture and way of life. Experience new things such as art, language, architecture, music, and attitudes of the local inhabitants – as well as new and different activities native to your host country.

You will learn more about yourself and develop an increasing understanding and appreciation for your own country, culture, increased maturity, ability to understand and appreciate other people, deal with ambiguous situations, ability to communicate, and positive personal growth. Also, the friendships made can enrich your life and have lasting benefits.


You need to have completed at least 15 credit hours with a minimum 2.75 GPA at the time of applying. Some specific programs have special requirements – see your advisor.

Programs Available

For information about some of the programs available, please visit, the consortium to which ICC belongs. For more information please schedule an appointment with Tia VanHester at or via email [email protected].


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    Virtual Stretch Hours
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